I am so so happy that you have found your way to my web home. 
Jessica & Company LLC. has become so so much more than a job for me. This is one of my greatest passions and I am so in love with the mission behind the name. If you haven't heard of us yet, keep reading for a little background and our life story! 
I am Jess, the owner, photographer, designer, creator, and all things business here at Jessica & Company LLC. I am 28, born and raised in Southeast Texas. I'm a simple woman who leads a pretty simple and happy lifestyle. I'm married to my absolute best friend, Jamin. Together we have 2 human babes, 1 dog, and 10 guinnea fowls.
 Jade who is 7, is our daughter and she such a light in our lives. She loves Jesus, showing kindness and compassion, and she is a heck of a yellow belt in Jiujitsu. Jett is 3! He is our sour patch kid who makes us laugh daily. He is grumpy little old man in the mornings, and a mamas boy 24/7. He loves all things outdoorsy and he's the most gorgeous blonde haired blue eyed little boy I have ever seen. He makes sure we practice patience and forgiveness often.` 

We love Jesus bigtime and in our house. We speak with kindness, always forgive those in need of it, and always encourage each other to be their best version possible!

I’m an adventurer at heart, a coffee lover, photographer, creator, mommy, wife, and hippie (at heart)! I believe that pineapples belong on pizza, I have multiple plants living in the studio and in our house, I love home grown veggies/herbs, and watermelon is the perfect way to make me smile.
I have always had a love for the arts. Photography has been a huge part of my life since Jade was born in 2013. It stirred something in my soul and my husband only added flame to that fire. He is my rock and biggest supporter! I am proud to call him my bestfriend. I started my business in 2014 as Sees The Moment Photography and then in 2018 we became Jessica & Company LLC. From 2014-2018 I specialized in weddings.
It wasn't until last year that I found my true calling and the area that I am genuinely passionate about! In 2018 I started to venture into boudoir sessions and that is when I realized that I want to take the everyday woman who has slowly lost her confidence from listening to how our society thinks she should look and act.
I still love a good wedding to photograph, but making other women see themselves in their true beauty is what brings me joy. I feel like I have been put in this position to help give other women the self confidence they need!
No one person is "perfect" by societal standards but I'm here to tell you that God sculpted every single one of you into the perfectly unique human that you were meant to be.
YOU are exactly who God created and intended for you to be so it's my mission to restore that self love that you may have lost. Every single woman is beautiful from the inside out and even though it doesn't (and won't) always feel that way, I want to help you take back your life and your confidence in the best possible version of yourself. 
Please join my mission to stop body shaming women! We live in the shaming era and it makes me so sad that women cannot be their true, natural, and beautiful selves without being judged for it. 
Soo, come to the studio, enjoy some coffee with me, shop around, and make yourself at home! We strive to offer a safe environment where you can come and just be YOU. 
XOXO, jess 🖤👑