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We are shaking things up a bit to figure out what will work best for everyone!

Bags will be available for purchase every other month instead of each month. 

There will not be a limit on the availability this month so that there is enough for everyone. instead of shipping out on a certain date, we will ship them out as soon as they are ready and we will leave this product open for purchase for the entire month of July. I recommend purchasing before July comes so you can have it by the beginning of the month. 


If your order isn't placed by the 2nd to last week in July, you will receive your bag in August. 


There will be a minimum of 2 lingerie pieces in each bag& the vibe in each one will completely revolve around LINGERIE, SELF-LOVE, & BODY POSITIVITY. I want you to join the "Stop The Shame" movement with me and spread positivity to your neighboring woman. 

I can not wait to share my amazing finds with you and I hope you love them!


In the comment section, please be sure to list your lingerie size, bra size, panty size, as well as your shirt size or you may not get the correct size in your grab bag. 


xoxo, Jess & Shelby.